Postpartum Counseling

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Counseling for Mothers in Denver CO

You're a mother and you're having a hard time adjusting to this new identity.

From the outside, you put on a good face, play the part of the blessed mom, while inside you wonder if it was all a mistake, whether you're a good mom, or why it wasn't love at first sight with your baby.

Between the diaper changes, the constant feedings and the sleep deprivation, you realize your life will never be the same again. You’re not even sure you know who you are anymore.

This mix of doubt, worry, shame, guilt and sadness leave you feeling overwhelmed and isolated. Add the hormonal shifts, the sleep deprivation, the stress of a career, zero personal time and keeping your relationship together in the midst of chaos = a recipe for disaster.

Whether you suffer from postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety or simply have a hard time adjusting to this new life and feel some extended baby blues, there's help available to you. 

I know that with qualified professional support you can feel more at peace, balanced, confident and look forward to your future as a mother.

Help during the postpartum phase and beyond

I'm Valerie, I'm a therapist in Denver, Colorado, and I help women go through difficult life transitions such as pregnancy, motherhood and perinatal challenges. The postpartum time is a different animal, and nothing could have prepared you for what you're going through.

As your child gets older, new challenges arise. Just when you thought you had figured out this parenting thing, the situation changes and you have to adjust again. Being a mom is a balancing act with the rules changing on you constantly. You're not alone. I get it. Motherhood is more complex than it seems.

Postpartum counseling in Denver and online counseling (etherapy)

I offer postpartum therapy and counseling to support all mothers, either in-person or online. Online therapy (or web therapy) can be a great option if you're a new mom or you travel a lot and need more flexibility. 

As a fairly new mom, I know how challenging the postpartum time can be. Together we can work to help you feel more joy, and grow as a mother and as a woman in a way that feels authentic to you.

All you need are the right tools and the right help. You can also check out my blog posts on motherhood truths for some extra support. 


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